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House of James is a luxury fashion label, specialising in knitwear and handcrafted pieces. The key aim is to create style and elegance through simple and sharp clothing, that lets you feel at ease and in control all at the same time.

Our Ethos

At House of James, our aim is to produce clothing that has a lasting future, with customers cherishing their purchases.

Rather than falling into the fast fashion cycle, which is an endless trap, we hope that clothing will be seen as an investment. We are committed to operating in an ethical, fair and sustainable manner; this means we buy locally and domestically as much as possible. All products are made in house, thus

giving greater control and awareness over our production processes and outputs.


We're working towards a more thoughtful consumer market

and striving to raise awareness of textile wastage across the

UK and worldwide.

We also operate a policy of complete inclusion: all are welcome here. Part of this ongoing mission is pushing to be more representational and diverse within our campaigns,

championing causes for social change as well as ensuring our customers feel appreciated.

Meet Daniel

I first took an interest in fashion around age 14 and started making things in jersey fabric, without any idea of what I was actually doing at the time.

Cut to the present day, where I now explore cuts and textures in all different fibres, with a particular interest in knitwear and sustainability.

I was driven to set up House of James in response to a wedding project, but had been keen to set out my own vision for a while. One that encompasses interesting design aesthetics with sustainable practices, whilst always striving to connect with my audience.

Daniel sat down with Charlene from SPEECH to discuss the brand, inspiration and what's in store for the future.

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